It’s hard to remember when it was… March 31, 2023? It was a show at Shakopee Bowl that we nearly canceled the day of, as there was a big storm looming.  Sometimes the forecasters are wrong, but not this time.  That was the show where we barely made it home.  People came out, but left early, and we played without break to make sure we could all go home.


Fast forward to March 2024 at Shakopee Bowl, and what a difference a year makes! The weather is abnormally warm, and people are ready to party. The place is full, and people are attentive, but it takes them a while to warm up the dancefloor.  That’s where we come in – we have band members walking the dancefloor to get the crowd going and it eventually works.


By set 2, the crowd is on the dancefloor shouting “Here I go again on my own” and they’ve been wrapped into the fold.  Our job is to entertain, to keep them there, to get them to patronize, tell their friends, and come back for more.  Many think we’re hired to make music – which is partially true.  But, we are aware that we’d be playing in a garage somewhere if our venues didn’t make a profit.


We encourage people to be kind to servers and bartenders: order and tip.  We shout thank yous for “keeping live music alive” – reminding our crowd that THEY are the most important factor in the equation.   It’s not how well we perform – although we love to be as professional as we can – it’s about entertaining a crowd, and making them want to come back to see you – at your venue- over and over.


We thank each and every live music fan for holding up the live music scene!

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