Sugar Buzz Cover Band at Route 47 in Fridley, Minnesota

It’s a beautiful night in the summer. That always makes a Minnesota cover band nervous when they’re playing indoors. Will the fans come? Fortunately, yes. Although the first 20 minutes or so was lightly attended, the crowd picks up and we are grateful. Many musicians from local bands who have the night off are there: representatives from Hollywood Blvd, Outlaw Saint, Revved Up, Shirts and Skins, the Hybrid Theory, Mellifluous, Peace of Mind, Seattle Reign, Attica, and Mad Mike’s Funhouse are in attendance. We are humbled by the show of support and camaraderie from our local Minnesota cover band music scene. We feel the love.

And then, there’s the shirt. Anne has a shirt made for Mark with Beth’s image on it… and the crowd goes wild. It’s a surprise all-around. We dance, drink, call out names of the faithful from the stage, giggle together onstage. We talk and take pictures on break (no, we don’t spend much time in the green room at all). All of that, coupled with the attendance of fans and players in the music community, reminds us that the camaraderie is essential to what the crowd feels when they attend our shows – and what brings them back.

This is a community. We love it.