There’s a synergy between the location, and your history with the locals that creates the mood for the night. This Minnesota cover band could easily tell by 30 minutes to showtime it was going to be very busy. People were in great spirits, there was an extra bar set up in the corner as we had already proven we could fill the place with partiers in our previous show.  We boasted a new DIY drum riser that guitarist Henry created with assistance from drummer Brendan – and we were excited to create a new VIEW for our fans.

Song 1 starts “Promises in the Dark” by Pat Benatar.  The first 60 seconds are a slow ballad-build to rock out.  People are already on the dancefloor with expectation.  Once the drums kick in and the music picks up speed, that was it for the night.  The dancers were there… all night. We had our typical guitarists and bassist roaming the dancefloor on several songs, but always with the threat that it was too packed for them to make their way back to the stage.


Our merch manager had created a special hat for Beth with rhinestone bling and requests flooded in for copies.  There was also a sparkle prototype hat and new oven mitt design that people were in line to get once available.

We had Pete and Lorie drive from North Dakota to see us, Julie from Texas and Band-member Mark’s sister from Washington state in attendance—but everyone felt local to us!


If you wanted to actually SEE the dance floor, you would only be able to recognize it on our breaks. But people still milled around on the floor to talk to band members and each other as every seat in the large room was taken.

The days are getting longer, people here are realizing the long winter is coming to an end, and you could FEEL that emotion throughout the crowd. It’s our job to help spread that feeling and we believe we did an honorable job in providing that unity.