Some places feel like home.  Warm, familiar, and you know everyone.  At least 2 band members frequent Route 47 nearly every Thursday for an open mic night, so walking into the green room, loading onstage, and the hellos to all the regulars felt automatic. There was supposed to be a snowstorm. It didn’t materialize – but sometimes the threat of one keeps people from venturing out.  That was not the case here.  The place was packed… and this is a very large venue, so filling it up isn’t easy.

Add to that – the fact the band seemed to fire on all cylinders this particular night – very few mistakes and we were all in sync with each other.  Those nights are almost indescribable when you all feel that together. The night was filled with dancers, dedications, and music from the heart.  New followers Alex and Brandi said “I can just feel that you guys don’t phone it in.  You’re absolutely giving every song 110% , all from the heart”.  It was true.

New friend TONY bought the band a round and said “this is the first time I’ve ever felt the need to buy a band a round and thank them.  May all your 2024 dreams come true”. The night was magic and the best way we could hope for to start a new year. Cheers.

Cheers to the Sugar Buzz Minnesota Cover Band!