We love playing at Mainstreet Bar and Grill. It’s a great spot for us, with a built-in crowd mixed in with our own fans, all gathered at a centrally located stalwart of the local music scene that always has the top Minnesota cover bands on the calendar.

Our sound guy, Joe, recently purchased an EGO BOX. It’s a small platform, about 6″ high, that the lead singer can stand on “for the ego charge.” This one is even lit from the inside, and our singer, Beth, is absolutely thrilled to try it out.


By the time we hit the fifth song, the dancefloor is packed with a lively crowd. We placed an “ambient mic” pointing towards the crowd so we can hear their energy in our in-ear monitors, but it turns out it wasn’t even necessary. A regular crew led by “Bob the concert bully” had already taken over the front with over 20 people, while a group of crossfit hobbyists were also on the dancefloor, celebrating after a competition. It’s always fun to see fans from different backgrounds and circumstances come together and become like family, all screaming out the lyrics to Blink 182’s “All The Small Things” together.


Our superfan Julie volunteered to take pictures for us that evening. With Beth larger than life on the ego box, we led a chorus through “Sweet Home Alabama” and Lizzo’s “Juice.” Our varied playlist suited the diverse crowd, and we knew we were doing live music right. The excitement felt like a tsunami until 1am, leaving us adrenalized, exhausted, and grateful that we get to do what most of the free world doesn’t. Nights like this make it all worth it.