Bogart’s Entertainment Center has always been very good to this Minnesota cover band.  The sound engineer, Dave, is a joy to work with and he often publicly states we are his “favorite band” to mix.  Bogart’s is also a venue that promotes live music on social media, and we so appreciate the extra effort that venues like this make.  So, it’s no surprise that we had a nice full room for our show and video shoot. Every 3 years, we create a new promo video and this year, Timmy from KoMax was our guy.  He and Dan set up multiple stationary and roving cameras, even providing our singer with a “Beth-cam” to get footage from her view.

The crowd was ready. We always had some people on the dancefloor, but in set 2, it was most of the people, most of the time.  That made for some fun interactions, great footage, shout outs to the UMD crew, Mike’s birthday and other events.  Henry, our lead guitarist, still nursing a broken ankle, did stand for several solos so he’s on the healing path.  We got our new KEYTAR in the footage, and songs we’ve added since our last video.

3 years is a long time for Sugar Buzz. Numerically, it seems rather short, but when we consider how far we’ve come as a band in that time – it’s inspiring to contemplate.  Cheers to a new video coming soon!

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