As a Minnesota cover band, we play all sorts of events.  We are mostly a nightclub act, but we often play festivals and large-run fundraisers for causes.  Sugar Buzz recently had the opportunity to play Tapped and Uncorked, a beer, spirits, and wine tasting event that raises money for the Roseville, Minnesota parks system.  So, this was unique for us!


The weather was on point.  Overcast, but pleasant.  No jacket required. This is a different crowd in that their first priority in attending is for the libations. So, we are a little more backdrop even though we occupy a large stage and bring our A-game production (thank you to Scott of SN Productions!) . We’re able to get our own tasting glasses and try a couple spirits while on break – but only small sips as we have a full night to complete!

We do see some of our faithful there to see us primarily: John with his Sugar Buzz hat arrives promptly at 6pm. Jennifer is the first and bravest to get some dancing going.  Holly and her friends join in later. Jennifer even stops by one of the food trucks to buy the band cheesecake slices for after the show. A woman named Patty drove all the way from Hibbing to visit her daughter. Her daughter asked if she wanted to attend and told her about the event and that a band was playing. “uh, a band called Sugar Buzz” . “Sugar Buzz?! Yes I want to go!  I saw them at Mid Summer Music festival!” and she packs her Sugar Buzz shirt for the trip.  She is excited to tell us her story and expose her daughter, Georgie to our music.


We get many appreciative comments while mingling with people while we are on break, including from Roseville city Mayor Dan Roe. They love the energy, the variety of music, the talent. Some come back and take a seat in the benches to watch and eat.  Some are brave enough dance a little.  A bunch of volunteers in red shirts end the evening with us on the “dance floor” .  We end exactly when the city ordinance kicks in and pack up our gear and cheesecakes. The band is now completely “tapped” but happy to play a new type of event for a great cause.  Cheers!