Sugar Buzz Minnesota Cover Band at The Dugout Bar on Feb 3rd

We knew the zero degree weather would keep some of the regulars at home, but when a guy named Darren dressed in a Sugar Buzz camp shirt sends up the first round of drinks to the band, you know the hard core are ready to party.


The dance floor welcomes it’s first dancers almost immediately. The faithful dance, drink, and clap their ways into “warmth”. Julie’s wearing her Sugar Buzz shirt and is proud to introduce her friend Dawn to the band. Those two are staples on the dance floor most of the evening. These are the times you get to know people a little more personally. Michelle and Suzie bravely don sleeveless tops and sing along to AC/DC. A group of school teachers who were out for a night on the town had a blast jumping to “Mr. Brightside”, and the traveling members of the “our dance place” dance club hit the floor no matter the weather. A couple guys get brave, grab our Sugar Buzz tambourines, and chant NO ROOTS along with us.

Beth Lead Singer of Sugar Buzz Minneapolis Cover Band

We get to talk and meet nearly everyone on break. There were lots of new faces and names we will try to remember, because we know we’ll see them again. As the night progressed, three band members even join the crowd on the dance floor, playing and singing along. As we round the corner into the final songs of the evening, everyone is family as we toast together in the final lines of “Never Been Any Reason”.


Being a Minnesota cover band means dealing with the cold, but it also means having an incredible evening with our dedicated fans (and thanks for the drinks, Darren!)

Sugar Buzz at The Dugout Bar