Bands tend to evolve over time. Especially those that have a longer history of existence. As a Minnesota cover band, Sugar Buzz boasts more than 10 years as a band, with the current lineup together a solid 3 years. The smartest moves we make are when we continue to study what works and what doesn’t, including aiming our song list and our brand at the talents and strengths of our players. And as we do that, our performance evolves.

It was an especially busy night at Mainstreet Bar & Grill in Hopkins, Minnesota. And it got even busier after the NFL playoff game ended, so the dancefloor was full the entire night. That kind of night is where we are at our best! The crowd provides the energy. We dance, we sing along with the crowd, we chide each other onstage in the way that gives Sugar Buzz that “fun band family” brand.

It was the end of the night when the venue sound and light tech told our bass player “I’ve seen your band change over time. It’s not just a band show anymore, it’s really evolved into a concert experience”. He explained that he saw our efforts in taking the music NOT just for listening, but really PERFORMING for a crowd. After getting down the music, that’s really where we want to set ourselves apart. The details matter. The show matters… because the audience matters.