Twas a few nights before Christmas and at the DOG HOUSE

All us creatures were stirring including the mouse

We wore our fun headbands and holiday gear

And told all the patrons to tip for the beer!



The sound man was brilliant, and took extra care

To make sure all of the music floated in air

April and Rufus brough Beth some candy

and the festive wear contestants were looking quite dandy



The place was a hoppin’ and full of spirit

And we played and danced all the songs (we can hear it!)

Jane’s Addiction the Bee Gees, GnR and Lit

Lizzo, Billie Eilish and Steelheart (don’t quit!)



REO,  Queen, and Pat Benatar

The party could be felt from near and far

You know it’s a grand time when the owner makes and order

To have Sugar Buzz back at least once per quarter



So we finish our work and break down the set

It’s as Merry a Christmas as one hoped to get

It’s a feeling we love when we do our very best

And fall into bed for a well deserved rest.