Typically, when one is the highlighted act for a small-town festival that draws thousands, you expect to be sort of a one and done thing. You play one year maybe take a few years off and come back. Keep it fresh.

However, we were fortunate enough to headline our third consecutive year at Nisswa Freedom Days.

Unprecedented here, and the organizer knows that they will probably have to change it up next year, but we were honored to be brought back. He tells us that we are easy to work with, we know how to engage the audience, and there are lots of great comments about our performance.

The weather was spectacular and many thousands showed up for the entire day. Our singer, Beth, started out the parade with the national anthem, and then we were set to work preparing for the show.

The little kids came out to dance, which is always fun to watch. They are mesmerized by the lights and the sound, and several of us jump off the stage to dance with them.

Then the adults get going. They are appreciative and loud and a little crazy at times.

A line of about 20 to 30 people formed for the end of the song Kiss Me Deadly.

We sell tons of merchandise and take pictures with many of them. And yes, we do have to police the stage to make sure spilled drinks are cleaned up quickly and people don’t set their beverages near our equipment. That’s a little nerve-racking, but it’s part of the festival scene.

We finish the night exhausted, and the organizer (the guy who tells us he probably has to get a different band next year, just for variety’s sake) tells us “well never say never to playing again.”

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