Bogart’s Entertainment Center is a venue we love to play: very classy atmosphere, 3-level spacious stage, new lighting, a green room, and a house sound person who calls this Minnesota cover band “his favorite band to mix”

The ingredients were there for a fun evening.  The room was full excepting 3 tables.  This venue is a large space to fill, so we were happy.  By halfway through the first set, we had people dancing and singing along.

It was second set that was surprising. Often, people come and go between sets, and the crowd can get lighter by the end of the evening.  That was NOT the case here.  We debuted our new-to-us song, Whitesnake’s “Here I go again” and you could feel the energy build.  People sang along and cheered the new addition. The crowd continued to grow.

Then the dancefloor exploded for the remainder of the second set.  Halfway through, people were dancing on the dancefloor, but now also spilling onto the second level where the subwoofer stood.  And then… Enter Sandman.  The lead singer of a local Metallica tribute band raced to the dancefloor.  Singer Beth, already atop the subwoofer, invited him to join her and they both growled “exit light, enter night” to the delight of the crazed dancers.

“All the way up to the subwoofer” was a first for us at this venue – and it was thrilling.