Sugar Buzz has had the honor of playing US BANK Stadium Plaza prior to Minnesota Vikings football games in the past.  We considered it a wonderful privilege, even if it was outdoors in December.  That’s the fortitude we Minnesota cover bands display.  But—this one is different. It’s October, the weather is mild with no wind, and it’s MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.

Everything felt more exciting – more energy pulsed throughout the plaza and adjoining stadium. We arrive early, get through security, bring our snacks and water as it’s going to be 8 hours of prep, play and tear down. We’re play 4:15 to about 7:15 pm.  The only break we get is for when the drum corps passes by.  That’s about 5 minutes or so.

The music starts.  The crowds swell. Literally thousands of people have to pass us on the way to their stadium seats.  This time, they stop longer, they dance they whoop it up when we yell SKOL! – and it’s electric.  Half the band takes time to wander offstage amongst the appreciative purple-clad crowd.  Many red-jerseyed fans from the opposing San Francisco team sing and dance along with the home team.

The feeling of performing to so many happy, upbeat people is something one cannot truly explain, but we appreciate every moment.  And, as the time draws to kickoff, we end for a smattering of those who didn’t have that game ticket to get in.  Still grateful to be that chosen Minnesota cover band for this game.  Oh, and the underdog Vikings came away with an upset win over the 49’ers.  SKOL, indeed.