Sugar Buzz Cover Band at Route 47 in Fridley, Minnesota


It’s a beautiful night in the summer. That always makes a Minnesota cover band nervous when they’re playing indoors. Will the fans come? Fortunately, yes. Although the first 20 minutes or so was lightly attended, the crowd picks up and we are grateful. Many musicians from local bands who have the night off are there:…


The Debut

Playing a venue for the first time is always nerve-racking. There are expectations to get your followers there and unknowns of how management, stage, and sound operate. Will the regulars be welcoming? The Dog House Bar & Grill was built for live music, so the expectations were high.   For a debut we arrive extra…

Sugar Buzz at Shakopee Bowl

The Snow Must Go On

6:30pm.  It’s raining. Hard.  And there’s a blizzard warning in effect beginning….sometime in the evening?  Most of the band is onsite setting up for an 8:30pm start. Many of the faithful are already putting the brakes on the evening. “sorry, we decided to stay home in case it gets worse.  We see sleet already.”  …